The M Sheets – Italian Taxes Trump Your Lamborghini 2

It’s odd actually having time to write on this site again. In the process, I’ll be trying a few new things and see what sticks, if anything. So far I’ve been mostly pleased with the layout and formatting and such, though there are some items that I still need to get fixed (the ads are just okay, the header needs to be customized, I need to get Twitter linked up in a way that’s actually helpful, and the favicon is a blue leaf, which I’m pretty sure isn’t a real thing).

The new series I’m trying right now is “The M Sheets,” which is an absolutely stupid play on words that only tax accountants will get (“I got it, but I didn’t want it” — all tax accountants everywhere). It’s a Monday morning summary of all the little news items that I either didn’t have time or didn’t think worthy to get its own article. Feel free to let me know if you think it’s terrible and instantly killed off. Though no guarantee I’ll listen.

Italian Government makes every day like Need for Speed – Driving a Lamborghini in Italy? Be prepared to pull over. The Italian government is targeting supercar owners, reporting drivers to the Italian’s version of the IRS to make sure they are reporting enough income to own such a car. The idea is to find tax evaders through this method. Either that, or they want to see if their video game skills translate to real life.

Save your Tax Refund, “experts” say – though I personally would prefer to do everything possible to keep that money out of the government’s hands in the first place.

Mortgage Tax Break isn’t a miracle worker – Having $100 more in your pocket a month is better than a $100 deduction, which for most people only translates to a $20 – $30 savings.

Tax accountants don’t disappear after April 15th

New IRS Commissioner reenacting Forrest Gump – Okay, maybe not, but he is apparently on a nationwide tax season tour.

St. Louis Post apparently doesn’t read Thomas Sowell – Trickle-down is something that happens when. . .okay, I’ll stop before getting inappropriate. Side note, my wife once told me that if I die, she’ll get remarried to Thomas Sowell.

Los Angeles Demonstrators want to tax the rich – they also apparently don’t think it’s ironic to name a tax increase after a character who stole from the government for imposing too high of a tax rate.

Cracked asks the important questions – Will Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles be terrible?

Windows Phone 8.1 Siri-like assistant will called Cortana – Halo nerds all over the world likely jumped for joy at the announcement. My wife, however, thinks it’s a terrible name. I believe her response was “oh, is that the big-boobed hologram from that dumb game?”

Favorite new music of the week – The Colourists, despite the British spelling for the very non-British band.

That’s this for this week. Let me know in the comments, on Facebook, or Twitter if I should just stop this now, or if the series deserves to live, maybe with a tweak or two.

Picture by Axion23

  • skyred77

    I love that the Cortana nickname for the project stuck. I like Microsoft’s products, but I don’t have a lot of faith in their naming skills. I think they could have, and probably would have, done much worse than Cortana. I can’t wait to have it on my Windows Phone.

    • creativelyaccounting

      I think the Cortana name works fine. My wife, not so much. And she’s (currently) the one with the Windows Phone. Though it’s better than Clippy Mobile