Quick Blog Update

If anyone is curious, I am, at least for now, moving blog posts to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday format. Yes, it might mean I get .01 per day instead of .02, which might be hard to get by on (especially considering I’ll be struggling with only $2.92 per year after tax instead of $5.84), but I think I’ll survive. Besides, it turns out people are more curious about tax stuff around April 15th instead of the middle of summer. Go figure.

The main reason for the change is I’m trying to get a tax e-book out. I’ve never done something like this before, and it sounded like a fun way to continue to flood the Kindle e-book market. I’m hoping that will bring in at least an extra $5. After tax, if I’m lucky. Which would more than make up for that lost $2.92.

Side note: I had a friend remind me of this classic Robin Hood video. Have you watched the full movie recently? They straight up ripped the animation from some of the previous Disney animated movies (Jungle Book, Aristocats, maybe more). And there’s a lot more threat of death than I remembered from my childhood.