New Year, New Taxes, New Posts

Hello all! It’s been a while.

There’s been a lot going on in my life, not even counting that hostage situation with my gerbil, which– when we pointedly refused to pay the two dollars–morphed into something more akin to Godzilla (Gerbzilla?) situation, leading to lots of home repairs. Man, who knew kidnappers had gotten so good with theoretical gamma ray mutations?

Plus there’s the son-throwing-a-Bluetooth-speaker-through-my-laptop-screen incident, which brought on bought of sorrow every time I opened the lid. The computer still works, but with cracks spiderwebbing over my text and shards of glass sticking to the undersides of several keys. I’ve decided to use that one as inspiration, though. You know, that whole “read my website, Google gives me a few pennies” scheme? So here’s my attempt to earn a few more pennies to hopefully, one day, save up to buy a new laptop. What’s do you think will be good in 10 years when I save up enough money? I’m thinking one of those ten pound Compaqs with the detachable keyboard.

It might not HAVE Bluetooth, but I bet it can better stand up against Bluetooth assaults.

Then there’s tax reform. I tried to examine the entrails of a few of the baby bunnies my cat brought home to figure out what they were going to pass, but it never quite worked out. So instead I held off writing as I waited to see which ways the winds blew for tax reform. Now it’s law, so there goes that excuse.

So it’s a new year, with a new tax law, and new motivation. Time to get writing.

Oh, and woohoo, that tax reform is a doozy. I have the law right here, next to me on my old wall-scratching green couch. All nearly five hundred pages of it.

I haven’t exactly decided how I’m going to do this whole thing, but my plan is to write a different post for each important section, getting out at least one post a week. And maybe clear out or clean up the old, no longer relevant posts.

If all goes well, I’ll finish my analysis before people have to file their 2018 tax returns. Or the kidnappers come back and use the gamma ray juice on Momma Bunny. I’d hate to see what she does to my cat as revenge.

I’m going to keep this post short and mostly tax-free, but I do want to highlight two things about the new tax law:

First, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 has a very disappointing acronym of TCJA. Republicans desperately need to get on this acronym-spells-a-word trend.

Second, this law is built upon the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. So no Internal Revenue Code of 2017. Like Hollywood, our tax code is going to be stuck constantly referencing the 80’s for at least another decade.

But Stranger Things this is not. Let’s delve into the text, no trip to the Upside Down necessary. And only one or two demigorgans for the few of you whose taxes are going up.