More Accountants Ruining Joke

I’ve been told on multiple occasions that I have a very dry sense of humor (I blame an almost fanatical devotion to Monty Python sketch comedy in Middle School), and certainly I’ve had jokes fall flat. But sometimes it’s not my fault. Some accountants just need to lighten up.

For example, last month I was part of the Going Concern post Accountants Ruin Joke, which was an absolutely surreal experience. I mean, they had to know it was a joke. They’re taking it seriously ironically, right?

Let’s move on to Round 2.

Lame joke? Absolutely. But very clearly a joke, right? I’m not taking crazy pills here, am I?

The responses start off fine:

Okay, so we’re a bunch of nerd accountants, but it’s still a joke about avoiding paying taxes by staying alive. And then this:

Does she just not get it? I took the charitable route, trying to nudge her into the “this is a joke” category without outright saying it.

But no, we’re accountants. Everything must be taken seriously and literally! 

The irony is that if you go to her website, the About Us page asks and answers an age old question: “Accountants are all boring, right? No, certainly not in this company: we run a friendly and cheerful office.”

I suppose “friendly and cheerful” says nothing of humor. After running through several remarks in my head, and discovering that this Sue Christensen person was in the UK, I finally settled on the following:

Even then they kept going at it.

There’s even more between the three of them, but I decided it was time to move on.

*Sigh* No wonder people think accountants are lame.