The M Sheets – ‘Pole’ tax revenues down

‘Pole’ tax brings in less revenue than expected – Illinois’ new strip club tax has generated 40 percent less revenue than expected. Apparently it’s not because fewer people are going to strip clubs, but because the tax only covers strip clubs that serve alcohol, which is banned at strip clubs in Chicago.Seems like the politicians should have looked into that before the passed the law (not, like, physically).

More film credit fun – While Maryland is struggling to get enough film tax credit to keep ‘House of Cards’ in state, businessman Gregory M. Walker has come up with a more creative solution to not having enough film tax credits: sell film credits that he doesn’t own.

Need a job? Become an accountant in New Hampshire! – Best results if you are one of those “young people.” At least they didn’t say they had a shortage of whippersnappers.

Colorado almost knows how to spend that sweet pot money – also known as “we didn’t have news to report, but we almost do, so we’ll act like that’s news.”

Justice Scalia: Yes, income taxes are legal, “but if it reaches a certain point, perhaps you should revolt.”

Italy is cutting their income tax – my understanding of Italian Income Tax is pay whatever you feel like, so I guess this would mean you could pay slightly less than whatever you feel like.

Nintendo Game Boy turns 25 today – because we all need another reminder about how old we’re getting.

gameboy in box

the sepia symbol of my childhood.

New Music – I’d have to go with Ingrid Michaelson’s Lights Out this week. Little more pop than I typically go for, and still not as good as her first album, but still pretty good.


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Picture by Bryan Ochalla