The M Sheets – IRS Pays the Microsoft Tax

The M Sheets is a weekly summary of news articles that I didn’t go into depth on, but thought were interesting.

IRS Pays Microsoft for Windows XP Support – If you’ve waited until the last moment to file your taxes, don’t worry, you’re not the only procrastinator on the block. Microsoft has finally officially stopped supporting Windows XP, some fourteen years after the operating system was released. Any stragglers have to pay a hefty sum to continue receiving support for the ancient OS. And it turns out the IRS is just one of those stragglers.

They are apparently in the process of upgrading to Windows 7, but the official XP support deadline just slipped right by them. We do have to be realistic, though. Windows 7 came out six years ago. How could anyone have expected the whole IRS to upgrade by now?

Any late filing penalties you may receive on your personal taxes won’t come anywhere close to the millions of dollars the IRS has to pay on their on lateness. Though I’m guessing trying to use any of this as an excuse for your late payment won’t fly with Mr. and Ms. Field Agent.

And, yes, it is your tax money paying for the IRS’s procrastination. Makes you feel good, don’t it?

 Healthcare technology due for a shake up – There’s certainly going to be a big aging population to take advantage of serve.

Just what nobody wanted to see – Philly accountants dancing for Tax Day

Accountants are too white – The writer of this article must have just seen the previous link.

Because pulling out a .22-caliber submachine gun is a total rational reaction to having to pay a 22-cent sales tax on soda.

How much does your state complain about taxes – I was surprised that Utah wasn’t in the top ten. Not because they pay high taxes, but because of the amount of tax complaints I heard while I was there. Maybe that’s just because I was in the tax program.

Zynga appoints former Best Buy strategist as CFO – Farmville has long since lost out to Candy Crush, so who better than to bring in to help Zynga reverse its fortune than the person who helped Best Buy defeat Amazon.

Don’t miss the Total Lunar Eclipse tonight!

New Music – I though Old Fears School of Language was okay. Nothing else really caught my interest.

Finally, I hope you all saw the biggest revolution for high school students since the prom – the KFC Chicken Corsage:

Artwork by James Montgomery Flagg. Public domain, but let’s give him credit.

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