10/15 and California Tax Returns

It’s 10/15, which means that the bulk of tax returns are due, and there’s a really long wait at the post office:


At the government required 10 minutes per person, Ebola will have been eradicated by the time I get to the front

So while waiting in line, I thought I’d quickly post on what I realized to be California’s biggest problem. And I mean that more literally than I’d like.


See those two returns up there? The one on the left is California. I think the one on the right is Tennessee, but I’m not sure. Whichever state it is, it’s pretty indicative of the average size of a state tax return.

And for those tax savvy out there, neither of these include the Federal attachments.

The trees will eventually be saved from becoming tax returns when e-filing becomes better accepted and implemented. But no matter how it’s send it, that is a lot of data, and it takes a lot of people to go through that much data.

Maybe they can bring in more money from having so much detail, but there has to be a significant tradeoff once you ask for too much.

Anyway, have a happy state filing day! Here’s my contribution to the best holiday yet invented.