I love economics. It’s one of those weird passions that can’t really be explained by logic. Yet when I had to choose a college major, I decided I wanted a real, soul crushing job, instead of whatever underemployment economics would offer. So I chose accounting.

What does my love for economics have to do with accounting? Just a book. In high school, our economics textbook was filled with groan inducing jokes and implausible examples. I rolled my eyes at almost every page, and yet I actually understood the concepts in the pun-laced text, instead of being lulled off into the economic coma most econ books offer.

Years (and years and years) later, when I started writing about accounting, that old textbook came to mind. If there’s anything more boring that economics, it’s accounting, right? It could use a few jokes and eye rolls of its own, as long as it’s in the name of getting the message across.

So that’s my goal. Make accounting, if not enjoyable, then not so nauseatingly hard to read. Yes, the jokes are bad and the puns are worse, but if it keeps you awake and helps you understand just a little bit more about the notoriously boring world of accounting, then mission accomplished.