11 Risqué Titles For Your Next Accounting Book 1

On Monday, I came across the following tweet from accounting’s best comedian Greg Kyte:

Based on my search for Romance books on Amazon featuring accountants, Greg made an understandable mistake (my favorite is Marketing Beef).

On the drive home that day, I was reminded of a former client of mine. That particular client was in the business of distributing the kind of movies you’d find on the blocked channels of your satellite or cable subscription, the ones that you won’t find in any respectable theater. While almost all aspects of working with that client were completely ordinary, they did have a hilarious amortization list of their movie titles.

Why can’t we do the same thing in accounting? Spice up our book sales with a few double entendres? The list below are a few suggestions. Feel free to add more in the comment section below.

Caught In The Sheets: How To Optimize Excel

Using Protection: Surefire Ways to Prevent A Fraud Triangle From Developing in Your Organization

Tap That Asset: Using The Tax Code To Get The Most Out Of Your Capital Expenditures

Lube, Probe and Drill: A Practical Guide to Intangible Drilling Costs (Good thing the Oxford comma isn’t required, or this one wouldn’t work as well)

A Taxing Affair: My Fight With The IRS

Moving Beyond BDSM: Recovering from Bad Debts and Second Mortgages

Steamy and Sweaty: Combating Global Warming With Green Energy Credits

Doing It Under The Table: The Economic Cost Of The Income Tax Gap

Discovering Your Empowerment Zone: Finding Local Jurisdictions That Allow The Work Opportunity Credit

Feel Free To Plow: Farming Taxes Made Easy

Gross Bedroom Tricks: Getting Your Gross Income Up Without Getting Out Of Bed

And let’s throw in one bonus G.I. Joe Title

Beated by COBRA: Why The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 Has Got To Go

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    “Mastering Abatements:” Making Wrong Tax Assessments Feel Right